is a Kenyan local company which is part of the Ecological Group of Companies. The Ecological group is headquartered in Kenya and it’s the sole Manufacturer of Hunny Bunny premium diapers. Delight- life investment is the arm that handles the sales and distribution of Hunny bunny diapers allover Kenya. We partner with key stake holders in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) industry to ensure that our brand and product is available to consumers in the smallest retail outlets.


Our goal is to encourage quality living style at an affordable rate in our daily life. Kenya has a good economic environmentand the people have an international sense of fashion and style. Our aim is to support Kenya’s local industry and avail more brands for choice by the Kenyan local market. This largely contributes to Kenya’s economic growth and a better life for its citizens.

Vision and Mission:

  1. Vision:  consistently providing reliable, affordable& quality life
  2. Mission: To empower our clients & encourage quality life through provision of world class premium product.

Our Services

  1. Original Design manufacturer of Hunny Bunny Baby diapers in Kenya
  2. Sales & Distribution of Hunny Bunny premium diaper brand
  3. Ensuring quality control checks and customer service feedback

Our Target Partners :

Distributors, Wholesalers, Supermarkets and Retailers